We can assist you with your next ground exploration projects with a combination of quality equipment and experienced staff.

Drilling Services:

We are now providing Amlet Explorer Drill Rig and Ute Mounted Rig services to provide your next geotechnical and environmental projects:

• Pavement, Geotechnical and Environmental investigations
• Site Classifications
• Installation of groundwater monitoring well
• Concrete and asphalt coring
• Bulk sampling
• Tube sampling
• Rock coring
• SPT testing

Amlet Explorer Drill Rig:

• Mounted on a FRS Isuzu 800
(Length: 7m, Width: 2.5m Height3.2m (in transportation mode)
• Permanent 4WD
• Rear view camera for hole locating

Key services:

• Solid stem augering
• Hollow stem augering
• Diamond coring (NMLC/HQ,PQ)
• Geotechnical Testing (SPT, U-tube sampllng)
• PQ Core Drilling
• Wash Bore
• Hammer Work
• Capable of drilling more than 150m



We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.