We provide geotechnical solutions to the public and private sectors in building, transportation and infrastructure.

A & Y Associates was formed in 2016, with a combined experience of over 15 years in the construction material testings industry.

The strength of any built structure depends on accurately predicting how earth materials will behave under engineered conditions. At A & Y Associates, we help our clients address subsurface conditions and geotechnical issues throughout all project phases including feasibility, planning, design, development, construction, and post-construction.

Our geotechnical services include:

Geotechnical Investigations

• Earthwork specifications for liners, caps and bulk filling
• Telecommunication Tower Investigation
• Crane Bog Mat Investigation and Analysis
• Piling Rig Working Platform Investigation and Analysis
• Retaining Wall Investigations
• Drilling & Sampling

Pavement Investigations

• Pavement Investigation/ Dippings (Factual)
• Pavement Rehabilitation (Design)

Residential / Commercial Site Classification (Soil Test)

• Soil Foundation Parameters
• Preparation of Technical Specifications
• Bushfire Attack Level Assessments AS 3959
• Wind Speed
• Feature Survey / Site Analysis
• Land Capability Assessment (Septic System)
• Land Capability Assessment (New Development)

Earthwork Supervision

• Level 1 Supervision
• Level 2 Compaction Testing

Material Analysis

• Recommendation and Testing for VicRoads Spec Material - (Quarry)
Our mission is to deliver quality professional geotechnical engineering and material testing services to provide our clients with safe and cost-effective projects.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.